Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Many of you know that for quite sometime I have been connecting with a stream of consciousness that present's itself it energy form of a healing modality .Of recent I received more clarity with this energy system. The grid is the Tree of Harmony and The activations contain retunements to Grail codes. With that said, May 5th I was visited by the ”Black Madonna” and she revealed she activated within me the knowledge of how to witness a gene replacement healing code of the Grail Codes within the DNA . At the t ime of this occurrence I was working with a client and thought this was for this individual. Then like with previous Retunement activations and work repeated itself in sequence on the next three people I worked with. I ask to be shown what had occurred below is an exert from the information.
The following day someone forwarded me a channeling form Celia Fenn which confirms that more than one person is tapping into the same stream of consciousness. This is the link to her work scroll down to The Grail Codes of 2008 : A Conversation with Archangel Michael" by Celia Fenn.

Another interesting aspect of this is, the weekend before I went into one of my Spirit art painting FRENZIES and spunout 3 Mary paintings. One with Isis anointing the pregnant Mary with Horus watching. The painting titled itself” Blessing the SUN”. Many times when paint I paint several pieces in conjuntion, the sister painting that was birth during this download name itself “Message of Mother” which is the Cosmic Mother with the Virgin, the third I’ve been processing for awhile Titled itself “The Conjuring of Gaia” which revealed itself to me as the Black Madonna, Merlin the alchemist and Gabriel Arch Angel engaging the planes of existence with the Essence of Gaia.
So I googled Black Madonna this link is more affirmation.

Auto Writting Channeled message from the Black Madonna ……….This is the lineage of the Black Madonna the healing frequencies are carried within your frequency encodement.
I hold space for gratitude of healing for this planet in the Awakening of the Harmony Heart of the Planetary healing of the heart of Gaia. I am the sovereign one I have transmuted the pain of sorrow for eternity I breathe new life into the dead, to the mournful for all shall arise into life the eternal flame of the fire of life. I anchor the rays of light and Color, that are blended into your awareness from my tapestry of eternal life …..Elmaconaelicoseka …...... I hold space for the Greater Aspect…….The rays of light and color are beginning to emerge in the consciousness of perception in individuals on the earth plane. These individuals are starseed who embody encodements in this universe, galaxy, solar system or planet therefore are enable to perceive the encodements that are being generated into all planes of existence . We The Greater Aspect have volunteered our loving assistance for all who welcome the enlightment in spiritual consciousness of this world, We join our loving energies in collaboration with you to bring majestic healing, joy and love from the Creators of All there is be in Peace. During this stage of immenseness, brings forth healing for the Planetary Heart of Gaia, and a time to reclaim the Divine Feminine Christ energy within individual Hearts. The Grail Path or the Codes that carry the path to Divinity through Service to the Divine Mother element of Source are being re-activated. As individuals, you will learn to cherish and honor the Beloved as expressed through the Divine Feminine intergrated, as a path of spiritual service to the Light of Creator within your hearts. As a collective, you will walk in Inner Peace & remember to serve Beauty and Truth and Love .Through this service to integrate the gentle, loving and su pportive energies of the Mother aspect of Source into your society once again. This will enable you to create support and nurturing abundance for all. I bless you and cherish you as I and others of the Greater Aspect hold space for the re-acclimation. I AM of the Mothers I am The Black Madonna I leave you with my anointing Bless it be….

Activating the codes is quite simple just go to the All that is Command The gene replacement and activation of the grail codes and witness. You may have a few oaths and vow to pull…experience some past lifehood recall…etc. It’s all Good… Creator also gave me an Inner Peace download to set up the Matrix ,So while you at it ask be shown that too….If you feel you would like assistance in this process and would like an appointment you may reach me at 270 799 9354 or email me